Making more money or making more mess?
Written by Ryan Moore on Jan. 5th 2019
Workaholics produce inelegant solutions, as the makers of Basecamp will tell you in their book Rework.

This concept resonates with me so well because I used to try to do more, sell more, create more, and help more fitness businesses sell more memberships primarily on my ability to outwork any challenge. 

Then I remembered back to when I used to sell memberships myself. In the beginning, I used to do a good bit of the sales, then I became so good at it that no one trusted anyone besides me to make the sales. 

It was great for my ego, but not so great for business since I was stuck doing the thing instead of investing my time in growing the business...

So, once I had become better than anyone I have ever met at selling fitness memberships I started trying to teach how to do that too. Immediately we began taking a hit as the ROI of our lead generation plummeted to dismal depths. I had to come up with something quickly.

That, of course, is not what happened. I spent all of my time and precious leads perfecting the system for reliable membership sales without me. What I didn’t realize at first is that this actually was progress because I had stopped doing the thing all day long and was now creating systems to have the thing done without me. 

Fast forward through many dollars of ad spend wasted and the cycle of training and retraining the team and eventually the system was perfected! That was when I got to work on whatever I wanted to because the facility was growing without me doing any of the sales…

Fast forward a few years worth of iterations and now that system for reliably bringing leads in and selling memberships has been replicated successfully into over a thousand fitness facilities all over North America.

See getting more of anything with more is one of the worst ways to grow. That’s because, when you scale a business, you scale everything in it. The good and the bad...

For instance if you’re outworking problems of today and you 5x your business by doing more, you’re also scaling the need to keep doing more and more and more.

Alternatively, if you seek to have more impact with less of your time and effort, as an owner, that will produce totally different outcomes.

More with more is not fun or good for the people you serve in the long run either, no matter how called you feel.

That holds true especially if you are here to change more lives as you grow because the more people you help, the more diluted you become if you are scaling in the, “more with more,” style I used to use.

That only leads to those you are called to serve getting a thin, diluted version of you, “like butter spread over too much bread,” to borrow some Tolkien wisdom.

See, the world doesn’t need or want the weakest version of you, that’s not honoring your calling or respecting those you serve.

What would this year be like if you started focusing on developing, “more with less” mentality and only the most elegant solutions became acceptable? Yes it is hard for those of us used to outworking problems.

But what if you slowed down enough to accept nothing less than creating at the uppermost limit of your current ability in a way that pressed at your old boundaries?

What an interesting state to maintain... what if someone spent 5-10 years operating from that place? What might that take? What might that do?

Do you think that creating more with less of you might result in more impact, more freedom and more lives change than creating more by using up more of you?

This is going to be an interesting phase for all of us... 

Stay tuned and feel free to comment if you’re on board, I’ll be rooting for you!


Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore helps fitness business owners scale their membership growth. He's an expert at helping business owners increase the team's closing ratios and growing membership revenue with less effort. If you're interested in more memberships with less effort then definitely reach out today.
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