Take this Quiz to see how Strong your Team is at Closing Memberships
Written by Ryan Moore on Jan. 10th 2019
Curious to know how the members of your team measure up in terms of sales skills?

Take the following quiz to find out!

Assess each member of your team individually who should be helping prospects start memberships on a scale of one to five in the following areas:

1. Ability to intuitively hear what a prospect is not saying, draw out potential objections, discover goals and core drivers of those goals before presenting price.

One is a team member who talks about how cool the product is as opposed to figuring out what a prospect wants and rarely asks questions. 

Five being an intuitive, rapport building, follow up question asking genius who could get nearly anyone to do anything only using questions. A key indicator of this is that this team member’s prospects will be doing 90% of the talking.

2. Ability to present membership benefits in a concise way that aligns with the specific prospect’s goals and core drivers in less than a minute. 

One is a team member who relies on talking about how cool the workout or studio is (also known as feature dumping). 

Five being someone who’s prospects consistently feel that what the facility will do for them is oriented for what they’d like to achieve. 

A key indicator of this is that this team member’s prospects typically view the membership as the vehicle to achieving their most significant goals and NOT as a cool place to workout or practice yoga.

3. Ability to clearly present ALL price options and key terms in your membership agreement as benefits to the customer without hesitation, in the simplest way possible while conveying full confidence. 

One is a team member who presents four or more options to a prospect or doesn’t consistently express the key terms of your membership agreements as benefits or doesn’t always come across confidently. 

Five being a team member who presents price with confidence every time in a concise, and extremely simple format that’s 100% consistent along with the key terms of your membership being presented as benefits in less than a minute.

A key indicator of this is that this team member can list membership options by memory and primary membership agreement terms in their sleep.

4. Ability to confidently handle the top three to five most common objections in a relaxed manner and progress through them to a sale without resorting to a second appointment or visit. For your facility these are likely: “I want to think about it,” “it costs too much,” and “I want to talk with my partner about it.” 

One is a team member who often rolls over when hearing some of these objections. 

Five being a team member who knows that these statements are a very typical to every sales process and never rolls over. 

A key indicator of proficiency is that these normal objections are overcome consistently without pressure.

5. Ability to onboard a new member in a way that establishes a strong likelihood of success, long-term retention and regularly produces referrals. 

One is a team member who’s new members rarely refer a new member during their first few days as a member and often fail to integrate into the community resulting in cancellations within the first six months of membership.

Five being someone who’s new members are nearly always successful and typically refer new members.

A key indicator of this is average member retention of more than twelve months

Now, add the total number of points up for each team member. This will be a number between 5 and 25 for each member of your team before reading on.

A healthy closer on your team who’s in a good head space will consistently score twenty points or more in total if evaluated on a weekly basis. 

If there are people who are interacting with prospects who would regularly score less than twenty, train them until one or more of them are scoring twenty or more. 

Specifically, focus your effort on mentoring one team member into greatness. Once at least one person on your team is a powerful closer, train them to practice with the other members of the team so that you can specifically mentor the next best team member. 

While the entire team is receiving practice opportunities and learning from listening to your closer, your closer will be improving and practicing as well. This frees your time up to hone in on the next best protege and mentor them into a place of greatness.

If you want help with cutting down the learning curve of creating a culture of closers in your fitness business with a proven process, feel free to reach out. What you’ll find is instead of a two to three year learning curve, you’ll have measurable results in three weeks like the hundreds of other owners I’ve trained.

The worst thing you can do is to get stuck making all of the sales in your business or accepting a weak close ratio or poor member retention from your team. This is one of the most expensive areas of rot a business can experience because it keeps member acquisition costs high and, more importantly, the lives you’re called to change are at stake.

Don’t forget that your team will always gravitate to the lowest common denominator of the stagnant person. Don’t let that person be you.

See you on the other side,


Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore helps fitness business owners scale their membership growth. He's an expert at helping business owners increase the team's closing ratios and growing membership revenue with less effort. If you're interested in more memberships with less effort then definitely reach out today.
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